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As flu spreads, Boston declares health emergency

Health care centers across Boston will be offering free vaccines after Mayor Menino declared a public health emergency.

AIG won’t join lawsuit against US over 2008 bailout

Facing a certain backlash from Washington, the insurer decided not to join a $25 billion lawsuit claiming the terms of the bailout were too onerous.

Court upholds Mass. abortion clinic buffer law

A federal appeals court upheld a protestor buffer zone law for abortion clinics, saying the regulation protects patients’ rights while still allowing free expression.

Researchers progress on hearing restoration research

Boston researchers have for the first time used a drug to regenerate hair cells that sense sound in the ears of adult mice.

Items such as sawhorses are commonly used by shovelers in Boston to save parking spaces, but many wait days to remove those objects.

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff/File 2005

Scot Lehigh

Winter etiquette on Boston’s streets

Just in case it ever snows again, let’s review our rules for neighborly winter living in the city.

// No new players elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa were not chosen as voters struggled with how to treat newly eligible players from the steroids era.

Former US congressman Patrick Kennedy.

Patrick Kennedy criticized for trying to keep marijuana illegal

The former Rhode Island congressman, a recovering addict, has been accused by advocates of wanting to force all pot smokers into treatment.

Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua

Coakley sues Lantigua over campaign finances

Attorney General Martha Coakley sued Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua for failing to file a campaign finance report and pay state fines.