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2012 was warmest on record in US

A new report highlights the continued dramatic warming trend in the mainland US.

A Japan Airlines Dreamliner was escorted back to gate  at Logan Airport on Tuesday.

2d day of problems for Dreamliner at Logan

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner eventually took off after crews responded to a fuel leak on the jetliner earlier in the day.

// Appeals court weighs perception of fair trial in Bulger case

A judge said he is concerned about public perception if the case against “Whitey” Bulger goes forward before Judge Richard Stearns.

Liquid Imaging will offer miniature filming devices with Wi-Fi for the active crowd, including bikers, car racers, and scuba divers.

Few game-changing electronics in ’13 CES

The first day’s announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show were full of significant product upgrades, but light on breakthroughs.

Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital have been treating Almas (foreground) and Abdulallah Alhazmi for rare conditions.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe staff

farah stockman

Medical promised land

A Saudi Arabian family has come to Boston, home to some of the world’s leading medical researchers, for a cure for their children.

Mike Piazza was one of 37 candidates eligible for induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013.

Dan Shaughnessy | Exclusive Wednesday Preview

How I handled the ‘poison’ Hall of Fame ballot

If you fail a drug test, or admit to PED usage, you don’t get my vote. In addition — even if it’s unfair — you don’t get my vote if you look dirty.

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Immigration reforms are key to winning the global race for talent

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s Paul Guzzi urges Congress to include proposals regarding skilled workers in any broader-based immigration reform.

Referee Tony Brothers issued technical fouls to Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony after they tangled in the fourth quarter of Monday’s game in New York.

Anthony says he didn’t want to fight Garnett

The Knicks player said he only wanted to talk to Garnett when he pursued him after a loss to the Celtics Monday night.


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‘Driver’s Education’ by Grant Ginder

In the book, a stroke patient asks his grandson to fetch Lucy, his beloved 1956 Chevy Bel Air, out of storage and drive it across the country.