fiscal cliff

Obama says he will sign fiscal cliff bill

President Barack Obama spoke after the House of Representatives passed legislation intended to avoid the

Jonathan Ernst/REUTERS

President Obama said he would sign the measure, passed by the House of Representatives after the Senate approved it less than 24 hours earlier.

// Senate deal prevents tax hikes, delays cuts

The Senate compromise prevents income tax hikes on nearly all working Americans while raising taxes on the wealthiest, and briefly delays spending cuts.

Vice President Joe Biden arrived late Monday for a closed-door meeting with Senate Democrats to urge them to support the fiscal cliff bill.

Senate compromise: How it happened

The agreement in the Senate was the result of a rekindling of an old friendship, secret offers, and legislative muscling.

Political fighting could still threaten US economy

Rising taxes will likely diminish economic activity, and the standoff has added to uncertainty — with the prospect of another standoff yet to come over the debt limit.

Avery Bradley

Bradley to return to Celtics, Rondo uncertain

Guard Avery Bradley is coming off surgery on both shoulders and hasn’t played in seven months.

// For two casino groups, a dispute over investor

Casino developers in Palmer and Springfield are arguing over which project may claim Peter Picknelly, who invested in Palmer before joining Springfield.

L Street Brownies

Hundreds plunge into frigid Boston Harbor

The water temperature was just above 40 degrees for the annual L Street Brownies New Year’s Day plunge.

At The Farm School in Athol, student farmer Sarah Habeck of Middletown, N.J., fed hay to Patience, a Jersey cow, during a morning milking in October.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

Dina Rudick, the wife of Erik Jacobs, squirted milk into the coffee of student farmer Sarah Habeck of Middletown, N.J., while helping out with milking chores.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

Erik Jacobs split wood for the farm's wood-fired boiler last month.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

Farm School staff member Josh Buell demonstrated how to use an angle grinder.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

Student farmers cleaned garlic.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

In November, a staff member held a slaughtered turkey in a killing cone to let it bleed out.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

Tess Morningstar (left), of Hopkinton and Eliza Homes of Orange harvested kale for CSA customers at The Farm School in Athol in October.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

exclusive wednesday preview | g cover

Letter from Farm School

A city dweller gets lessons in planting, harvesting, milking — and in the meaning of life.

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