Bill to avert fiscal cliff heads to House

House Republicans planned a closed-door meeting Tuesday to decide their next move after the Senate overwhelmingly approved a compromise to the fiscal cliff.

Senate deal prevents tax hikes for many, delays spending cuts

The Senate passed a compromise early Tuesday that prevents income tax hikes on nearly all working Americans while raising taxes on the wealthiest.

With any fiscal deal, payroll tax apt to rise

Even with a fiscal deal, most employees will take home less this year because of an expiring payroll tax cut.

Homicides drop for 3d straight year

Homicides have been reduced by solid police work, an aging population, and better trauma care.

Asthma reduced in public housing

New Boston data indicate asthma incidences have dropped nearly by half since 2005.

Brenda Van Der Merwe, a real estate agent, says she is not making any resolutions. “You should already be doing it,” she said.

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Many not making New Year’s resolutions

The abstainers fall into two categories: those who say the annual rite is for wimps and those who have been repeatedly burned by their own failings.

Top row: Kevin White, Helen Gurley Brown, Phyllis Diller, George McGovern. Middle: Mike Wallace, Nora Ephron, Rodney King, Dave Brubeck. Bottom: Chuck Colson, Whitney Houston, John Silber, Don Cornelius.

Enduring memories of luminaries lost in 2012

The Globe remembers some of the notable figures, locally, nationally, and internationally, who passed away in 2012.

In 2011, hundreds of people took advantage of unusually mild temperatures on the first day of the year during the L Street Brownies plunge.

In winter swims, the pain is real

When the human body plunges into the January waters of the Massachusetts coast, it will race through all sorts of painful physical stages in the first minute.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady could face each other again in the AFC Championship game.

Dan Shaughnessy

Get ready for Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning for AFC title

Manning and the Broncos are the only folks with a chance to keep the Patriots from a return trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans.


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