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Boston schools to consider assignment plan

If the plan is approved, the proposal would mark a major shift in the way students are assigned to schools.

MIT gunman hoax linked to Swartz’s suicide, school official says

A caller threatened that an alleged gunman was retaliating against people at MIT who may have been involved in the case of Aaron Swartz, an official said.

30 Mass. firms join brief seeking to strike down DOMA

A brief filed with the Supreme Court by companies such as State Street Corp. and Akamai argued that the Defense of Marriage Act requires them to discriminate against some employees.


Explore the College of Cardinals

Learn more about the men who will select the next pope.

Secretary of State John Kerry was flanked by Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Maria Terzi Di Sant'Agata, right, and US Ambassador to Italy David Thorne.

Remo Casilli/REUTERS

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Statecraft is the latest bond for Kerry and Thorne

Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Rome is a chance for him to again see David Thorne, a longtime best friend who is also US ambassador to Italy.

From left: Misa Okamura, Spencer Doru Keith, and David DuBois in “Lovers, Fools, Saints and Sinners,” in the José Mateo Ballet Theatre production.

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Couples together and apart in ‘How Do I Love Thee?’

In José Mateo Ballet Theatre’s new program, choreographer Mateo doesn’t so much “count the ways” as explore some of love’s complexities in three works.

Jill Kerner Schon serves a customer at the Paint Bar in Newtonville. The enterprise she was told would not succeed will soon expand to Newbury Street.

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As nests empty, life changes direction for many women

Many women pursue new or rejuvenated careers as their family duties diminish — including those who’ve long been working moms.

Below (from left): Jim Bauer, Ruth Bauer, Steven Bogart, and Matt Aucoin are working on pieces that the American Repertory Theater is developing for the National Civil War Project. Above: President Lincoln some 150 years ago.

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ART, Harvard reflect on the Civil War

Four universities and five performing arts organizations are teaming up for an ambitious project inspired by the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.


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Tom Brady has declined a chance to discuss his new contract.

Tom Brady: ‘I don’t want to talk about this’

Said the QB of his new contract: “Athletes are always talking about money at a time when everyone else is struggling so badly to make it.”


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Book Review

“Middle Men” by Jim Gavin

‘Middle Men’ by Jim Gavin

Gavin’s excellent collection of stories is populated with male characters who are either unsure of themselves or overconfident.