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Connolly announces run for mayor

“I am running for mayor of Boston to transform our schools,” Boston City Councilor John Connolly said at a rally this morning.

Economists predict growth in Mass. despite looming cuts

Economists are cautiously optimistic that the state’s economy will continue to grow in the next year, although automatic spending cuts would harm several sectors.

Profits at US banks rose 37% in fourth quarter

Banks earned $34.7 billion in the fourth quarter, the highest since the same period in 2006.

Republicans sign brief supporting gay marriage

The legal brief supports striking down a California ballot initiative barring same-sex marriage.

Doug Rauch hopes to use food that has passed its sell-by date to create healthy meals in Dorchester.

Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

Putting expired foods to healthy use

Former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch is looking to fight poor nutrition and waste by creating meals for low-income customers.

On football

// Patriots’ offseason plans now wide open

Armed with flexibility from Tom Brady’s new contract, the Patriots may be able to load up with more weapons for next season.

// Kerry pushes US-Europe free trade agreement

Speaking in Berlin on his first diplomatic mission, Secretary of State John Kerry said the trade agreement was a priority of President Obama’s second term.

Michelle Obama announced the Best Picture Oscar from the White House.


Michelle Obama’s unnecessary Oscar turn

The first lady’s appearance on the Academy Awards show was proof that the Hollywood left and the White House have tone-deafness problems.


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On Basketball

Looking haggard but caring less, Paul Pierce helped polish off the Jazz with his vintage late-game heroics.

Celtics show signs of life in win over Jazz

The Celtics needed a win, and they finally found a way to secure it, and restore faith that had sagged on a rough road trip.