Feared spending cuts rooted in years of dysfunction

The potentially massive cuts that could cascade through government agencies nationwide were conceived as Washington’s own game of chicken.

State, local officials fret over federal cutbacks

While local leaders are worried about the cuts set to take effect Friday, the immediate impact of sequestration is unclear.

Councilor John R. Connolly has made schools his focus.

John Connolly to run for mayor of Boston

The city councilor is striving to topple Mayor Menino to become Boston’s first new chief executive in a generation.

Kevin Cullen

Breaking down the anatomy of a scam

Mike Peraino is more suspicious of free money than the average guy because he happens to be the chief of police in Hingham.

Providence church, hotel avoid clash over bells

The Grace Episcopal Church cut back on the chiming of its historic bells for a boutique hotel that stands smack dab in the bells’ sonic ground zero.

Clamor over the clangor

Hotel Providence and the Grace Episcopal Church reached a compromise on the frequency of ringing church bells.

Doug Rauch hopes to use food that has passed its sell-by date to create healthy meals in Dorchester.

Putting expired foods to healthy use

Former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch is looking to fight poor nutrition and waste by creating meals for low-income customers.

 Helen Dajer, cochairwoman of the External Advisory Committee, spoke at Monday’s meeting.

School choice plan is selected for Boston

The recommended system would allow more children to attend school in their own neighborhoods while allowing an element of choice.

Massachusetts is asking federal officials to shut down Fung Wah until it fixes safety problems state inspectors found.

Fung Wah removes 21 buses from fleet

Massachusetts is asking federal officials to shut down the low-cost bus company until it fixes safety problems state inspectors found.