Best picture win caps Ben Affleck’s resurgence

Ben Affleck celebrated Sunday night after “Argo” was named best picture at the 85th Academy Awards.


With his best picture Oscar win for “Argo,” Affleck has gone from the pit of pop scorn to the apex of Hollywood respect.

“Argo” producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov, director Ben Affleck, and award presenter Jack Nicholson celebrated.

The 85th Academy Awards

‘Argo’ takes top prize at Academy Awards

The film won best picture as well as the awards for best adapted screenplay and editing, marking a stunning career return for actor-director Ben Affleck.

TV review

// Host Seth MacFarlane balanced class, crass

MacFarlane managed to be both immature and gentlemanly as the host of the Academy Awards, a zany master of voices and a crooner.

Deal on automatic spending cuts is unlikely

The political standoff between the White House and congressional Republicans could result in the loss of thousands of jobs in Mass.

Secretary of State John Kerry


John Kerry embarks on inaugural trip in new job

In a nine-nation swing through Europe and the Middle East, a volatile international scene will test the new secretary of state.

Female surgeons note gains, subtle gender bias

The operating room is becoming more welcoming to female surgeons, but the experiences of local doctors suggest that full gender equality has not yet arrived.

Adrian Walker

City Councilor John Connolly’s bold move

It says everything about Mayor Menino’s five terms in office that the boldest act one can commit in Boston politics may be to run against him.


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Trail Blazers 92, Celtics 86

Paul Pierce confered with coach Doc Rivers.

Celtics lose to Trail Blazers

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