Lynch, Markey seek support in Senate race

Congressmen Stephen Lynch and Edward Markey focused on immigration reform in separate campaign stops.

Michael E. McLaughlin

McLaughlin made a career of skirting laws and scandal

Disgraced Chelsea public housing chief Michael McLaughlin is a throwback to rogue politicians in the mold of the legendary James Michael Curley.

// In nonprofit game, athletes post losing records

Many nonprofits that help burnish the reputations of pro athletes give little of what’s raised, a Globe review found.

Three sides to debate over raising minimum wage

The Globe spoke with a small business owner, a minimum wage worker, and an economist to get their perspective.



Critic’s notebook

The blurry intersection of fact, fiction, and art

Notions of fidelity in storytelling are on the front burner at the Oscars this year, with pundits and moviegoers hashing out the niceties.

Michael Gilman

Innovation Economy

Firm offers glimpse of life cycle of life sciences sector

The story of Michael Gilman’s start-up, Stromedix, provides insight into the workings of Kendall Square’s machinery.

Michele and Bob Gay’s youngest child, who was autistic, was among the 20 first-graders who died.

Elegy without end for a wordless child

Ten weeks after the Newtown massacre claimed Joey, their 7-year-old joy, a local couple reflects on loss and the power of faith.

Dan Shaughnessy

It’s hard to get excited about these Red Sox

The Red Sox have more questions than any other team in the AL East. It is difficult to pick them anywhere but last.


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