Menino takes on Boston buildings’ energy use

Mayor Thomas M. Menino is proposing a new law that would require commercial building owners to report annual energy and water use to the city.

Alexander Hilton is mentally ill, his lawyer says.

Mass. man fights UK extradition in poisoning

A 21-year-old from Princeton is fighting extradition to the United ­Kingdom for allegedly trying to murder a fellow student at Scotland’s prestigious St. Andrews University.

Vince DiMaggio had to live with, “I’m not Joe,’’ just as Billy Bulger has to live with, “I’m not Whitey.” Stephen Drew comes to Fenway Park this year with the added burden of reminding us, “I’m not J.D.’’

Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Dan Shaughnessy

Stephen is a whole new Drew for Red Sox

He has the burden of reminding us, “I’m not J.D,’’ but Stephen is also an overpaid under­performer who is too often on the shelf.

7,350 in Mass. get $510m in mortgage aid

Massachusetts mortgage borrowers received millions in help last year as part of a settlement with five major US banks.

Maura McCormick visits a Salem Five branch; some customers rely on call center staffers like Jennifer Silveira.

Photos by Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Seeking a higher rate? Bank won’t always steer you online

Salem Five is one of more than a dozen banks across the country that have separate Internet banking units that offer sharply higher savings account rates online.

Patrick Burke’s group You Can Play recruits athletes to fight gay bashing.

Group hopes to take homophobia out of sports

Boston-based You Can Play wants to make sports a friendlier place for gay athletes by fighting the acceptance of homophobic slurs.

Edward J. Markey says the US Constitution must be amended to void the Citizens United decision.

Edward Markey holds firm on his analogy to slavery ruling

Markey refused to back down from comments he made that seemed to compare the Supreme Court’s ruling on campaign finance to the Dred Scott decision.

Kevin Cullen

Changes are in the air for The Boston Globe

The Globe isn’t going anywhere. It’s changing owners. Who knows, maybe Rupert ­Murdoch will throw his hat in the ring. Stranger things have happened.

Show of force in ‘Boston’s Finest’

Donnie Wahlberg discusses “Boston’s Finest,” the reality show he’s producing about the Boston Police Department, and how his Hub ties helped it along.

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