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Their goal: Taking homophobia out of sports

Patrick Burke is a recruiter for the Philadelpia Flyers and co-founder of an organization called You Can Play, which fights homophobia in sports.

The Boston-based group You Can Play hopes to make sports a friendlier place for gay athletes by fighting the acceptance of homophobic slurs.

Sports stars at the mercy of the market when selling their homes

Curt Schilling, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Ray Allen all have had to slash the asking prices on their multimillion-dollar mansions in the western suburbs.

Jon Bernthal (left) plays an ex-con and Dwayne Johnson is a desperate father.

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‘Snitch’ an action flick with plenty of drama

Nobody is going to confuse this with “Les Misérables,” but “Snitch” gets a decent amount of drama out of the argument that there’s paying for a crime.

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Edward Markey holds firm on Dred Scott comments

On Tuesday, Markey said he would fight for an amendment to overturn Citizens United, the 2010 case that eliminated limits on campaign donations.

Xander Bogaerts is unique in a lot of ways. He is big for a shortstop, hits the ball a ton, speaks four languages, and has a great feel for the nuances of baseball.

Future on display for the Red Sox

Shortstop Xander Bogaerts and center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. showed great potential Tuesday during the team’s preseason game against BC.

Milan Lucic, Dougie Hamilton, Dennis Seidenberg,  Nathan Horton and David Krejci celebrated a goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Bruins 4, Lightning 2

Bruins beat Lightning in Tampa

Good puck movement and staying aggressive helped the Bruins beat the Lightning, 4-2.

Gabriel E. Gomez sought Senate appointment

Gomez, a Republican businessman who is running in the Senate special election, lobbied Governor Patrick to appoint him to the seat after Kerry resigned.


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Kevin Youkilis, who spent many years in the AL East with the Red Sox, returns this season as the third baseman of the Yankees.

Kevin Youkilis settled in with Yankees now

Youkilis, in Yankees fashion, is now clean-shaven. And he’s ready to move forward as an archrival to the Red Sox.

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Former U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel testified on Jan. 31 during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on his nomination.

Hagel has enough support to be defense secretary

Chuck Hagel cleared the threshold when a Republican Senator from Alabama said he would vote for Hagel to become defense secretary.