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Ed Markey holds firm on Dred Scott comments

The Senate candidate made comments that seemed to compare the recent decision on campaign finances to a case that upheld slavery.

List of 90 unnecessary medical tests released

Seventeen medical organizations identified routine tests and procedures doctors use even though patients often don’t need them.

Family member details hours before Wayland killing

An hour before he allegedly killed his former girlfriend, Nathaniel Fujita chatted about football, according to testimony.

Danielle Coughlin reacted after time ran out giving her the win.

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Danielle Coughlin is first female to win wrestling title

Coughlin defeated Winchester’s Jordan Darby and became the first girl to win a Massachusetts state championship.

Would Boston consider hosting the Olympic rings, which are headed to Sochi, Russia, next year?


Should Boston try to host the Olympics?

Boston may not do bling, but that might not matter for the US Olympic Committee in its efforts to find a host for the 2024 summer games.

February 6, 1930: Winter provided splendid coasting on Boston Common and hundreds of youngsters turned out for sliding on the historic grounds. These coasters wait their turn for a slide on the toboggan chute.

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Sledding of yore

Though the equipment may look a little different, sledding has always been a pastime for kids in New England, when the weather cooperates.

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//[1].jpg Potholes in Boston

New England traffic has long negotiated the effects of our repetitive freeze-thaw cycle that leaves roads an obstacle course of potholes.