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Police chief’s son arrested on drunken driving charges

The arrest marks the second incident this month in which the son of Boston’s police commissioner was suspected of being too impaired to drive.

Ashby stunned by crash involving firefighters

A mother and her teenage son, both volunteers in the fire department in the small town of Ashby, died in a crash with another vehicle, also driven by a town firefighter.

A small, unmanned aerial vehicle, during a demonstration at a Navy testing facility in Dahlgren, Va.

EPA/Petty Officer 1st Class Andrew Kendrick/US COAST GUARD/HANDOUT


For Obama, a license to kill?

In the history of American armed conflict, no president before Barack Obama has ever claimed the power to target a specific US citizen for death, and to do so without oversight.

In the new CW drama “Cult,” Matt Davis stars as a ex-reporter investigating a television show, also titled “Cult,” with help from one of the show’s assistants played by Jessica Lucas.

Television Review

‘Cult’: Following with too much fervor

The new CW drama is too messy and unnecessarily complex to be the show it could and should be.


Cruise ships now too big to bail

The lesson of the Triumph episode isn’t about the inconvenienced passengers, but rather about boats that are so large that evacuation becomes a last resort.

Water samples were taken one morning last month from the Mystic River in Somerville near the Amelia Earhart Dam.

A steady flow of troubles for the long-foul Mystic

The Mystic River serves as a stark symbol of the cleanup challenges remaining for waterways in cities nationwide.


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Larry Kessler, a longtime AIDS activist

At HIV refuge, new hope and old face

Longtime advocate Larry Kessler has stepped away from retirement to direct the Boston Living Center’s efforts to assist those living with HIV and AIDS.


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Bayway refinery

Shale oil helps revive East Coast refineries

The controversial drilling process fracking has helped keep gas prices stable in Mass., and has put the US on track to become the world’s largest oil producer.

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//[1].jpg Potholes in Boston

New England traffic has long negotiated the effects of our repetitive freeze-thaw cycle that leaves roads an obstacle course of potholes.