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More snow to pile up south of Hub

About 6 to 8 inches of snow are expected in the Boston area and North Shore Sunday, with a possible 10 on the Cape.

The conclave in 2012, like the one in 2005 (pictured) will begin with the cardinals in their red cassocks filing into the Sistine Chapel, chanting.

Conclave to elect pope rich in ritual

Next month’s conclave to elect the 266th leader of the world’s billion Catholics will have all the grand trappings of papal elections past.

Thousands of Russian emergency workers went out on Saturday to clear up the damage from a meteor that exploded over the Ural mountains, damaging buildings, shattering windows and showering people with broken glass.

Russian region begins recovery from meteor

Nearly 1,200 people were reported injured by the shock wave from the explosion, but it brought a sense of cooperation in a troubled region.

Bomb blast kills at least 65 in Pakistan market

A bomb that may have been hidden in a rickshaw ripped through a crowded market in a Shiite area often the target of Sunni attacks.

Manager John Farrell’s camp is quite a change from the spring of 2012.

Chris O'Meara/Associated Press

John Farrell brings a different tone to Red Sox camp

The difference in style between the new manager and Bobby Valentine is hard to miss.

Exclusive Sunday Preview

A sampling of stories from this Sunday's Globe.


Jan Long Collins in her Somerville home in December. At top is Amy Arbus’s 1982 photograph of Collins in New York, from Arbus’s 2006 book, “On the Street: 1980-1990.”

A colorful life as Amy Arbus’s muse

Sebastian Smee discovered his 3-year-old daughter’s baby sitter had been a famous photographer’s muse and street-fashion icon.

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For the 50th anniversary, recent titles about the Beatles

Capsule reviews of “Paul McCartney” by Barry Miles; “Magic Circles’’ by Devin McKinney; and other recent books about the Beatles.


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 Sam Lapides (left) and Nick Veo kept a close eye on 2012 DA14 through a giant telescope at the Clay Center Observatory at Dexter and Southfield Schools.

Brookline students track asteroid, set up live feed

As a massive asteroid made its way toward Earth, three students closely tracked the 150-foot-wide object through one of the largest telescopes in the Boston area.

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Markey ahead of Lynch in new election poll

US Rep. Edward Markey is ahead of Rep. Stephen Lynch by seven percentage points, not as wide as some political insiders would have predicted.


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The triangular site would get a tower that would include homes and retail.

Residential tower pitched for the Fenway

A developer is proposing a 22-story residential tower with 320 residences and stores at the corner of Brookline Avenue and Boylston Street.