Edward Markey’s residency is a tale of two homes

Representative Edward J. Markey owns two homes: the one from his childhood in Malden, Mass., and the one he and his wife bought in 1991 in Chevy Chase, Md.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff (left); Brendan Hoffman for the Boston Globe

Representative Edward J. Markey said his home “is and always will be in Malden,” but he has a grander house, triple the size, in Chevy Chase, Md.

Scott Brown said Wednesday he could make more of a difference by being a television commentator.

Scott Brown makes his Fox debut

The former US senator appeared as a political pundit, commenting on the “Hannity” show about President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Piles of snow blocking parts of Perrin Street forced people into the roadway Wednesday, a situation seen in other parts of the city, too.

Snow makes for stormy relations on Boston streets

Motorists and pedestrians are sharing space uneasily on the city’s snow-narrowed streets after the weekend storm.

Tech Lab

Vine offers an easy entry into social video apps

Six seconds is the time it takes to shoot a video using the marvelous new smartphone app.

As attitudes change, more report sexual abuse at schools

Recent reports of abuse in the Boston area expose the neglect of past decades, and reflect a growing awareness and fading stigma surrounding the crimes.

Jon Lester realizes his demeanor on the mound could be better.

matthew j. lee/globe staff

Dan Shaughnessy

Jon Lester says he’s happy in Boston

The Red Sox lefthander looked a guy who was “Bostoned out” last year.

Erica Shaps advised students on social media strategy.

Job-hunters aim to fix e-trail troubles

For many job-seeking college seniors, cleaning up their online persona has become a must.

Samantha Reckis was 7 in 2003 when she became ill.

Family awarded $63 million in Motrin case

A Plymouth-area girl nearly died in 2003 and was left legally blind after taking Children’s Motrin.


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Celtics 71, Bulls 69

After a frantic final few seconds (from left) Paul Pierce, coach Doc Rivers, Courtney Lee (11), and Jason Terry celebrate the Celtics’ win.

Celtics barely get by Bulls

The Celtics scraped out a 71-69 win and headed into the All-Star Break having won eight of their last nine games.

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Lexus, Porsche, Lincoln, and Toyota owners reported the fewest problems. Above, the Lexus IS 300h.

Vehicles more dependable than ever, study says

Lexus, Porsche, Lincoln and Toyota owners reported the fewest problems, while Jeep, Mitsubishi, Dodge and Land Rover owners had the most.