Plymouth family awarded $63 million in Motrin case

The judgment against Johnson & Johnson, which stems from a girl’s life-threatening reaction to children’s Motrin that severely damaged her skin and left her blind, could be worth $109 million with interest.

Bulger was never an informant, his lawyer argues

The lawyer for James “Whitey” Bulger sidestepped questions about why Bulger has previously claimed immunity if he wasn’t an FBI informant.

Massport workers plead not guilty to taking bribes

Five workers were charges with taking bribes from cab drivers at Logan Airport in exchange for letting them bypass the waiting pool to pick up fares.

Scott Brown passed up a Senate run. Now he will become a Fox contributor.

Brown joins Fox News

Former senator Scott Brown, who will offer political commentary as a contributor to the network, makes his debut tonight on “Hannity” at 9 p.m.

Derrick Z. Jackson

Bipartisanship is elusive in greenhouse gas initiative

If bipartisanship ever emerges in the national fight against climate change, the guiding light will likely come from the Northeast.

Lena (Alice Englert, center, with Viola Davis and Alden Ehrenreich) faces a momentous event when she turns 16.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Thursday Preview | Movie Review

‘Creatures’ conjures a little magic, lots of mischief

”Beautiful Creatures,” adapted from the first of four “Caster Chronicles” novels, is a “Twilight” knock-off that may play better if you’re not a convert.

// WEEI to oust Glenn Ordway

The longtime sports radio host, with his ratings sinking, is expected to be replaced by Boston-area native Mike Salk.

Jodi Beggs at Rialto’s bar, where diners can order from the full and bar menus.

Dining Out

No Valentine’s Day plans? Try these

There’s still time to plan a high-end celebration or an affordable dining adventure for Thursday.