North Korea conducts its third nuclear test

The country’s actions drew condemnation from Washington, the UN and others. Even its only major ally, China, voiced opposition.

Stephen Lynch, Edward Markey vie for union support

The battle between the two labor-friendly Democratic representatives for John Kerry’s Senate seat has split unions in the state.

Kevin Cullen

// Whitey Bulger says Ronald Reagan got it

We all know about Whitey Bulger’s crimes. What about his politics? Turns out he’s a Reagan Democrat.

Pope Benedict XVI made his announcement Monday.

Pope Benedict stuns Catholic world with resignation

Citing physical and mental frailty, Benedict XVI announced his departure after eight years marred by controversy.

Summer Street in Charlestown


Mayor Menino apologizes for clogged Boston streets

More than two days after the last snowflakes fell, Mayor Thomas Menino expressed frustration at the pace of snow removal.

Discontent grows as thousands wait for power

National Grid said it will restore power to all customers by Tuesday; NStar said it will need until Thursday.

Sean Sears and his son, Garrett

After the shoveling, the aches and pains linger

Many turned to pain relievers and medical professionals as shoveling out from the weekend snowstorm took its toll.

Power crews worked to restore electricity on Robinwood Avenue in Buzzards Bay for residents and businesses.

Insurers see fewer claims from storm than expected

Last week’s snowstorm may be one for the record books in terms of snowfall, but probably not in storm damage, insurers said.

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//[1].jpg The 1940 Valentine’s Day Blizzard

The Boston area was surprised by the Valentine’s Day Blizzard of 1940, which left cars and people stranded overnight, and 31 New Englanders dead.


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