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Obama to seek short-term plan to avoid automatic cuts

President Obama will ask Congress to come up with short-term spending cuts and tax revenue to avoid cuts that will kick in March 1.

US argues it can legally kill citizens linked to Al Qaeda

A Justice Department memo provides a legal rationale behind targeting US citizens with drone strikes.

State Rep. Dan Winslow.

State Rep. Dan Winslow exploring US Senate run

State Representative Daniel B. Winslow said he is “99 percent” sure he is running in the special election to replace John Kerry.

US Representative Stephen F. Lynch, vying for a Senate nomination, said he believes abortion should be legal but rare.

Lynch changes tone on abortion rights

Rep. Stephen Lynch, who has described himself as antiabortion, said he believes abortion should be legal but rare.

Devin Mahoney and Jon Niedzwiecki star in the A&E television show “Southie Rules.”

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

How real is Southie’s new reality show?

In the A&E TV show “Southie Rules,” the feel of the neighborhood is absent and the portrayal of the Niedzwiecki family is clearly staged.

Student Lucy Zhao studied table settings at an MIT miniclass on enhancing social skills.

Engineering etiquette at MIT’s charm school

MIT’s annual Charm School, a tongue-in-cheek series of miniclasses, celebrated its 20th anniversary last week.

Thomas Neel, owner of Candia Road Brewing Co., said demand for his craft product has been unexpectedly high.

N.H. law helps nanobreweries

As the first state to license nanobrewery operations, New Hampshire has given the small industry a lot of room to grow.

Cowbells once hung from the back of a warning sign at an entrance to Memorial Drive from the Longfellow Bridge.

Bridge at site of crash lacked height warning

The Western Avenue bridge where a bus crashed Saturday was once slated to get a rubber warning sign, but never did.

// In Maine, all eyes on the moose census

Using a helicopter and its noisy rotors, biologists are counting the state’s moose.