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Weld won’t seek Senate seat

Former Republican governor William F. Weld said he won’t run for the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry.

The skeleton of Richard III, with a cleaved skull and a curved spine, was entombed under a parking lot in the city of Leicester, England.

University of Leicester/REUTERS

Remains of King Richard III found under parking lot

Scientists in England announced Monday that they identified the maligned monarch’s 500-year-old remains.

Martha Coakley named only one of the schools she is investigating, American Career Institute, which abruptly shut down its eight locations in Massachusetts and Maryland last month.

Martha Coakley widens probe of for-profit schools

The attorney general has broadened her investigation into recruiting and lending practices at colleges and trade schools.

Gun-related crimes on the rise in Massachusetts

Crimes and injuries related to firearms have risen since the state passed a comprehensive package of gun laws in 1998.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh protested a non-call by the officials after a fourth down play against the Ravens.

Gene Puskar/AP

On football

Jim Harbaugh wrong to blame officials

The 49ers coach found plenty of fault with the officials in the loss to the Ravens, but he should have looked at his curious play-calling down the stretch.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco won his first Super Bowl on Sunday against the 49ers.

Dan Shaughnessy

This Super Bowl was one of the greatest

Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco and the Ravens beat the 49ers in a game that had everything — including a 34-minute power outage.

Tim Kardatzke and Kristina Muskiewicz concentrated on their needlework at a Cambridge coed knitting group.

Forget the pub crawl, these men would rather knit

More men are joining cooking groups, book clubs, and even, yes, knitting.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s portrait is the most recent addition to the “They Also Ran Gallery,” above a bank lobby in Norton, Kan.

Paying tribute to presidential also-rans

Mitt Romney’s portrait is the most recent addition to the “They Also Ran Gallery,” above a bank lobby in Norton, Kansas.

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//[2].jpg The (Mystic) Tobin Bridge

The Mystic Bridge opened for traffic on Feb. 26, 1950, and was renamed in honor of former Boston mayor and Massachusetts governor Maurice J. Tobin in 1967.