GOP prods a hesitant Scott Brown to run

Washington Republicans have begun a “full court press’’ to persuade the increasingly reluctant Brown to run for John Kerry’s seat.

// Globally bound, Kerry retraces roots

As he heads for the world stage as secretary of state, John Kerry reflected on his start in Massachusetts politics in an exclusive interview with the Globe.

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Religious groups to get opt-out for birth control

The Obama administration is announcing a broader opt-out for religious nonprofits that object to providing health insurance that covers birth control.

US gains 157,000 jobs, but jobless rate rises

Hiring was stronger at the end of last year than previously thought, but the unemployment rate rose to 7.9 percent in January.

As the size the of average television is growing, the prices are plummeting.

Debee Tlumacki for the Boston Globe

Convincing spouse can be key to a huge TV

Being able to talk one’s spouse into buying a monster-screen television, as many a married person has learned, is sometimes the biggest hurdle to the purchase.

Spots cost $3.8 million for 30 seconds and rival the game itself, ratcheting up pressure on agencies to make clients happy — and keep their jobs.

Super Bowl a high-stakes game for ad makers

Spots cost $3.8 million for 30 seconds and rival the game itself, ratcheting up pressure on agencies to make clients happy.

The Red Sox’ officially maintained a sellout streak last season despite playing before many empty seats.

Red Sox season-ticket renewals down 10%

Could the sellout streak be in jeopardy? The renewal lapse is seen as a sign that even hardcore fans are cooling in their enthusiasm after a joyless 2012 season.

Dan Shaughnessy

// Super Bowl a part of New Orleans recovery

The NFL’s showcase event is back in New Orleans for the first time since the Patriots’ win in 2002, and much was changed by Hurricane Katrina.

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//[2].jpg The (Mystic) Tobin Bridge

The Mystic Bridge opened for traffic on Feb. 26, 1950, and was renamed in honor of former Boston mayor and Massachusetts governor Maurice J. Tobin in 1967.


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Shawn Thornton left the game after this fight with Buffalo’s John Scott on Thursday.

Shawn Thornton out with concussion

Thornton left Thursday’s game after a first-period fight with John Scott, and will miss 7-10 days, the Bruins said.


Chuck Hagel also said that the Iraq war was the ‘‘most fundamentally bad, dangerous decision since Vietnam.’’

Hagel grilled during confirmation hearing

Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s nominee as defense secretary, confronted withering criticism during a marathon confirmation hearing Thursday.