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O’Malley named to Vatican reform advisory committee

Pope Francis named Cardinal Sean O’Malley to an advisory group that will counsel him on reforming the Vatican bureaucracy.

US, China pledge efforts for nuclear-free North Korea

Secretary of State John Kerry and China’s foreign policy chief said they’d seek a peaceful resolution to the North Korean standoff.

Senate launches debate on transportation bill

In a rare Saturday session, the state Senate began debate on a bill that calls for a medley of new revenue streams to fund transportation.

// Woods given 2-shot penalty, not disqualified

Tiger Woods was assessed a two-stroke penalty over an incorrect drop he took on Friday, during the second round of the Masters.

Menino undergoing surgery for broken leg

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was scheduled to undergo surgery this morning on his leg after he broke it in a fall Friday.

A rendering of the Mystic River gambling resort to be called Wynn Harbor Park.

Wynn Resorts

Wynn duplicates Everett, Philadelphia casino plans

Similarities between the proposals are intentional, billionaire Steve Wynn said. He modeled them after a hotel he built in China.

Mark Cohen has been suspended for alleged misconduct.

Spotlight follow-up

Boston taxi regulator faces misconduct review

Mark Cohen, whose department is under fire for its oversight of the city’s $1 ­billion cab industry, has been suspended for alleged misconduct with a police department employee.

Harriette Batson’s weekly unemployment check will be cut, leaving her with $300 less at the end of each month.

45,000 Mass. residents to feel pinch of federal cutbacks

Massachusetts residents who have been unemployed for at least six months will see their unemployment benefits shrink by the end of the month.

A loaded pistol, a tragedy, and a N.H. chief charged

Prosecutors took the unusual step of charging a New Hampshire police chief after a teenager used the chief’s unlocked service weapon to kill himself.


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Taking the message to the public: Senator Marco Rubio will be on seven TV shows Sunday to seek support for the plan.

Negotiators agree on immigration cutoff date

Senate negotiators have agreed to a date that could bar hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the path to legalization provided in the proposed overhaul.


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Developers plan to build a tower at the Filene’s site in Downtown Crossing.

Work to resume on Filene’s project

Work on the Filene’s redevelopment project will resume in days after its developer signed an advertising firm to occupy a large part of the property.