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Sullivan says he’d oppose gun background checks

Michael J. Sullivan was the only US Senate candidate in tonight’s Channel 25 debate to say he would oppose the measure.

Brandon Bass gave chase as Miami Heat's Chris Bosh prepared to shoot in the first half.

Heat 109, Celtics 101

Heat beat shorthanded Celtics

The only uncertainty was the margin of victory — and whether the Heat would continue to bury their bitter rival deep into the fourth quarter after the game was won.

Boston’s chief taxi regulator suspended

Mark Cohen, whose department is under fire for its haphazard oversight of the city’s $1 billion cab industry, has been suspended for alleged misconduct with a police department employee.

Menino breaks right leg, will have surgery Saturday

Mayor Menino broke his right leg when he twisted his ankle and fell, and will have a plate and screws implanted to set his leg, his spokeswoman said.

Photographer Jerome Liebling took a series of untitled images in Holyoke in 1982 that are on display in two different exhibits.

Jerome Liebling

Photography REview

Holyoke seen as brick and stone — and flesh and blood

The results of Jerome Liebling’s photographic tour, “A Walk Through Holyoke – 1982,” are on display through April 28 at two locations in the city.

Preview | Sunday baseball notes

// Still a lack of interest in the game from African-Americans

We have dealt with the decline in African-American participation in baseball quite a bit over the past few years, but the questions we raise remain difficult to answer.

A portion of the shore and cliff walk in Newport, R.I.

Newport surfers get state to back off Cliff Walk repairs

The city had seen an increase in opposition to a state proposal residents said could have permanently altered the break of the waves and threatened sea life.

Mathew Kisorio (left) was banned for steroids use after finishing the Boston Marathon last year.

BAA vows to take hard line vs. doping

The ban of 2012 Boston finisher Mathew Kisorio for a positive steroids test has raised awareness of the dangers lurking in the running community.


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Shane Carruth and Amy Seimetz in “Upstream Color,” which Carruth also directed.

Putting the trance back into Transcendentalist

Henry David Thoreau plays an enigmatic role in Shane Carruth’s hypnotic thriller — an oxymoronic term to describe a film that is truly sui generis. The reclusive, 19th-century Transcendentalist’s “Walden” provides a key link in a circular conspiracy that extends from a pig farm to the frontiers of consciousness. Is this Philip K. Dick-like plot benevolent or malignant or none of the above? Figuring that out is just one of the film’s sanity-stretching pleasures. More lyrical than Carruth’s stunning debut feature, “Primer,” it seems at various times like the work of a more spiritual David Cronenberg or a more malign Terrence Malick. Above all it is seductive; and while I feel compelled to see it again, I don’t have high hopes that it will make any more sense.