State Senate may add funds to transportation bill

The Senate is willing to dedicate more than the $500 million in new taxes approved by the House, but the bill would still fall short of Governor Patrick’s request.

Cambridge giving start-ups protection in Kendall Square

The city is poised to become the first community in the US to require developers to set aside lower-cost offices for start-ups.

A model of MGM’s casino resort proposed for Springfield was on display at its city headquarters in December.


MGM woos Springfield voters with piles of cash

The attention that MGM has lavished on Springfield in support of its casino project is part of an unprecedented citywide campaign.

Enforcement key to latest attempt at immigration bill

Supporters of an immigration overhaul say the only way to make enforcement of laws feasible is to offer a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants now in the US.

From left, Courtney Moller, Bridget Scullion, Dr. Kathy Selvaggi, who was involved in a flawed case, and Amy Fang.

Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Brigham and Women’s airing medical mistakes

Hospital leaders started an employee newsletter to encourage staff to talk openly about their mistakes and help make sure errors are not repeated.

Lorraine Carrington sews lampshades and pillows for the Cambridge home décor business 2b design, and will soon be hired.

Job-training program helps homeless find work

A Pine Street Inn and hopeFound collaboration that trains clients and finds them jobs is drawing praise from employers and the employed.

Adrian Walker

We can’t let the gun lobby win

A vocal, special-interest minority has controlled the gun control issue for far too long. And they keep winning, but only ­because the rest of us let them.

Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, an assistant coach at Wharton High in Tampa, thinks there is a spot at Fenway Park for his No. 26.

Wade Boggs thinks Red Sox should retire his number

The Hall of Famer believes it’s high time for the Red Sox to put his No. 26 on the facade in the right field of Fenway Park.

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