Drunken-driving arrests becoming rare in Boston

Police last year made 241 drunken driving arrests, a sharp decline from recent years and far fewer than in cities of similar size.

South Boston politicians have fought to keep preserve the Marine Industrial Park for manufacturing, fish processing, and other blue collar work.

A quiet deal done on a prime Boston waterfront site

Developer Joe Fallon brought buildings and jobs to Fan Pier where others could not. But that doesn’t explain his no bid rights to another Seaport parcel.

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Rob Gronkowski, seen before the Patriots’ playoff game with the Texans in Foxborough Jan. 13, may need more surgery.

Gronkowski is reported to need more surgery

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski may still have an infection in the area where he had surgery to repair a broken arm, according to a report.

Some of Mark Rappaport’s film materials are stored in the office of Ray Carney’s lawyer.


BU caught in middle as filmmaker, professor feud

A battle over a movie archive between filmmaker Mark Rappaport and professor Ray Carney is getting stranger by the day.

The Schifters plan to move their buildings back from the shore in a never-ending battle with erosion.

What money can’t buy: a break from nature’s fury

Scouring seas were closing in on a Chappaquiddick mansion. The owner is now moving it all — but to what end?

Drone manufacturers struggle for acceptance

The domestic drone industry is trying to purge the word “drone’’ and its lethal connotations from the lexicon — an effort that is failing dismally.

Among the exhibits at the Cambridge Science Festival are (clockwise from top left): The Physics of Billiards; Visual-Eyes Art, a multimedia exhibit that explores animal vision and perception; and Sidewalk Astronomy, on the moons of Saturn.

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Cambridge Science Festival, by the numbers

The seventh Cambridge Science Festival runs Friday through April 21, bringing knowledge to more than 50 sites in Cambridge, Boston, and surrounding towns.

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//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2013/04/03/BostonGlobe.com/Special/Images/openingday003-1029[1].jpg Opening Day at Fenway

No matter how the fans are feeling about the Red Sox, devotees fill Fenway excited to cheer on the home team for the first game of each year.