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Beth Israel, Lahey Clinic in talks on potential alliance

The alliance would rival Partners HealthCare in scale and reach.

US missile shield to counter North Korea threats

The Pentagon is deploying the ballistic missile defense system to Guam.

A large gun rights rally was held on Boston Common Wednesday afternoon.

Gun-rights rally draws 1,000 to Boston Common

Speakers argued that gun control will subvert the US Constitution and open the door to a police state.

Alison Demadis worked in the food lab at the US Army Natick Soldier Systems Center last June. About 1,500 workers there will be taking a 20 percent pay cut.

Bill Greene/Globe Staff/File

Exclusive Thursday Preview | Globe South

Federal sequester cuts felt around Mass.

Communities outside Boston are about to feel the pain as a result of $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts that went into effect last month.

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon


Jay Leno is my hero

He’s weathered the indignities of Hollywood, he’s survived some serious scrapes, and now he’s exiting with (mostly good-natured) humor and grace.

Nobel laureate and MIT physicist Samuel C.C. Ting.


Experiment hints at dark matter

The first results of a two-decade experiment led by an MIT scientist provided preliminary evidence of new phenomena that could be created by dark matter.


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On Baseball

Jon Lester picked up the win in his Opening Day start at New York.

Jon Lester could be poised for major payday

Lester, 29, faces a big year. If he rebounds into top-of-the-rotation form, a look around MLB suggests the Red Sox will have to pay him a very big contract.