Decision day in historic Boston mayoral battle

The election will usher into power John Connolly or Martin Walsh, both of whom have subtly promised a break from Mayor Menino’s style of leadership.

Kevin Cullen

Laboring under a cloud in Boston

Columnist Kevin Cullen has no idea who will emerge the winner at the polls, but he’s quite certain who lost most in this mayoral race: union workers.

Voter resources

Polling hours: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Where to vote: Find your polling location

Candidate profiles: John Connolly | Martin Walsh

Candidates on the issues

More coverage: The race for mayor

City of Boston election resources

Boston police planning to add to weapons arsenal

The department is quietly preparing to train 99 patrol officers to use military-style rifles, a dramatic boost in firepower that some officials say is excessive.

Willie Soon’s work is funded by energy industry grants.


Broken City

Researcher helps sow climate-change doubt

Willie Soon, a Harvard-Smithsonian Center astrophysicist, has established himself as a front-line combatant in the partisan crossfire over the climate.

Gerry Elovitz, a.k.a. Jerry Ellis, brought his sense of humor to marketing Building #19, but the odds-and-ends inventory made it difficult to transition to the digital era.

The fun runs out at Building #19

The Hingham company, having fallen victim to e-commerce and tougher competition from national discount retailers, has filed for bankruptcy protection.

In Mass., fewer teen accidents and drivers

The number of accidents has dropped by half since the state raised the training requirements for young drivers and boosted penalties for teens.

Rocco Rossi, 76, tried out a seat-e on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,’’ he said.

Seat-e can recharge phones as users take a rest

Two MIT-designed park benches installed at the Greenway can recharge cellphones, connect to the Internet, and furnish nighttime lighting.



// Stores restored must now charge sales tax in Mass., making the mall or the corner store look ever more attractive.


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Nathan Gottier and Jess Gillane prepared a meatless meal together last month in Boston.

Campaign seeks small steps for a greener Boston

Boston, using equal doses of data and behavioral science, is taking on the challenge to recast cultural norms and cut emissions of greenhouse gases.


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Book Review

In “Stitches,” Anne Lamott (above) writes six pieces that span 96 pages and which remind us that “hope is a conversation.”

‘Stitches ’ by Anne Lamott

In “Stitches: A Handbook of Meaning, Hope and Repair,’’ Lamott strikes a far more elegiac note than she has in her previous works.