Mystery lingers over motive in teacher’s death

With classes canceled today, Danvers High School will offer grief counselors for students in the wake of teacher Colleen Ritzer’s death.

// Colleen Ritzer was a paragon of caring

At 24, Ritzer had become a role model for many of her students at Danvers High School.

Obama presses Congress on immigration reform

Speaking at the White House, President Obama urged Republicans and Democrats to finish work on an immigration overhaul by the end of the year.

Hearing targets problems with health care website

Contractors responsible for the government’s troubled health insurance website are testifying before a House panel.

Report faults Boston cabs, oversight

Key findings of a review commissioned after a Globe Spotlight Team report earlier this year call for sweeping changes to the way the city regulates the taxi industry.

Christopher L. Gasper

// Cardinals ‘embarrassed’ by sloppy play

We heard about how fundamentally sound the Cardinals were coming into Game 1, yet they were anything but that in the opener.

With  7⅔
 innings in Wednesday’s Game 1, Jon Lester increased his World Series scoreless streak to 13‚ innings over two appearances, which drew an ovation from the crowd when he exited after 112 pitches.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

On Baseball

Jon Lester steps up as Red Sox’ true ace

Lester locked down the Cardinals over 7 shutout inning, and showed on MLB’s biggest stage that he is a pitcher to be counted on.

Red Sox manager John Farrell argued with an umpire after Dustin Pedroia was called out at second base in the first inning.

Umpires worked together to correct disputed call

The umpires converged in the first inning to reverse a putout of Dustin Pedroia in an unusual conference that helped sustain a 3-run inning.

Jonny Gomes, David Ortiz, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Dustin Pedroia hailed Mike Napoli’s three-run double.

dan shaughnessy

Sox open by dominating Cardinals

When do the St. Louis Cardinals get here for the 2013 World Series? Seriously. What was that from them in Game 1?


Alex Beam

// Lee Harvey Oswald, reconsidered

For decades, Oswald was seen as a cog in a larger machine, a patsy for dark forces united to kill America’s charismatic young president.


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Al Norman celebrates 20 years of battling Walmart

“Walmart is like a cheap piece of underwear, they keep creeping up on you,” said Norman, who has spent decades blocking Walmart from opening new locations.