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Standoff continues after White House meeting

Speaker John Boehner (center) and other House Republican leaders met with President Obama to discuss the shutdown and the debt limit.


House Republicans met with President Obama to propose a plan for the debt limit, and both sides promised further conversations.

Ryan O’Reilly (right) had control of the puck as the Bruins’ Milan Lucic put on the pressure during the first period.

Avalanche 2, Bruins 0

Avalanche stifle Bruins’ offensive attack

While the Bruins looked better as the game went on, they couldn’t push through, marking the first time they’ve been shut out since Feb. 28, 2012.

Jeff Owen of Wakefield knocked on the cornerstone of Hibernian Hall as he worked to uncover a time capsule that was buried there more than 100 years ago.

Jessica Rinaldi for The Boston Globe

Time capsule found in Hibernian Hall

Organizers planning a centennial celebration for Roxbury’s Hibernian Hall discovered the capsule, which was buried more than 100 years ago.

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// Red Sox’ workout on Thursday

The Red Sox prepared for Game One of the American League Championship Series, which will take place Saturday at Fenway Park.

Exclusive Friday preview

SJC justices to weigh in on cellphone tracking data

The state’s highest court heard arguments Thursday in deliberations that will determine whether police can get a criminal suspect’s cellphone records without a search warrant.

Tim Fain performing “Portals,” a multimedia show in which only he is playing live. It comes to the Gardner Museum Oct. 17.

Exclusive Friday preview | Classical Notes

‘Portals’ into music performance in the digital age

“Tim Fain: Portals,” a show in which the only truly live element is Fain’s solo playing, comes to the Gardner Museum Oct. 17.



// The two David Kochs

David Koch wept for researchers in need of day care at MIT as he donated millions to the school, but he doesn’t seem to care about people in need of medical care.


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Peter Gadiot as the genie Cyrus and Sophie Lowe as Alice in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.”

‘Wonderland’: Down the digital rabbit hole

The ABC show is meant to be a paean to the imagination. Too bad the effects pry some of us out of our imaginations and into the tech lab.