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Eight N.H. patients possibly exposed to fatal brain disease

Health officials said the patients may have been exposed to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease from contaminated surgery equipment.

Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing to consider the authorization for use of military force in Syria.

Senate panel votes to authorize Syria action

The full Senate is expected to vote on the measure next week after the Foreign Relations Committee voted 10-7 to authorize the use of force.

Edward Markey

Markey doesn’t take position on Syria resolution

Senator Edward Markey voted “present” on the resolution, a move that was “about my worry about a greater involvement in Syria,” he said.

Trash left outside behind a building by former tenants wais piled up near the curb on Brainerd Road on Sunday.

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As students return, inspection violations pile up

“I think the landlords have gotten the message that we are not going away,” a Boston inspecion official said after more than 2,000 tickets were issued.

Rob Gronkowski drew a crowd in the Patriots locker room Wednesday when he talked about the progress he is making in his rehab.John Tlumacki(sports)

Rob Gronkowski is upbeat on progress, vague on return

“Putting the pads on, just having them on, man, made me happy again,” Gronkowski said on Wednesday.

Graves lighthouse.

Graves Island lighthouse sells for record $933,888

The cash sale of the 110-year-old working lighthouse, which went on the auction block in June, was a record amount for a US lighthouse.

Don Campbell, captain of the Labrador, displayed the mako shark’s impressive teeth.

Fishermen land 9-foot-long shark off Provincetown

“It was a big battle,” said Don Campbell of reeling in the huge mako shark. “It was a lot of fun.”


farah stockman

// Crossing the line

Is death really better when one is getting blown to smithereens by a cluster bomb, rather than suffocating from sarin?

Boston mayoral race

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Mike Ross often asks voters how he can help them — today.

Call of equality came early for Mike Ross

The Boston mayoral candidate isn’t just asking voters how he can help them when he is elected. He’s asking how he can help them now.