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US, world’s credibility at stake, Obama says

Speaking in Stockholm, President Obama said a military response will not resolve the civil war in Syria, but is needed to send a clear message.

// Baker releases video announcing run for governor

Charles Baker, who lost the 2010 gubernatorial race to Deval Patrick, said he wants to provide “bipartisan leadership focused on growing our economy.”

Boston-area team to study DNA sequencing in newborns

The research is part of a major federal effort to learn more about possible benefits and harms of finding out such information.

Lawyer releases new list of alleged church abusers

The names of the five priests, one nun, and a choir director were released as alleged abusers Wednesday.

“The Safety Bounce” video was taped inside MBTA stations.


MBTA safety video urges riders to ‘Safety Bounce’

Officials hope the three-minute hip-hop video will teach children headed back to school the perfunctory elements of safe, courteous train travel.

Mike Ross often asks voters how he can help them — today.


Call of equality came early for Mike Ross

The Boston mayoral candidate isn’t just asking voters how he can help them when he is elected. He’s asking how he can help them now.

Adrian Walker

// The voter wild card in Boston’s mayoral race

As the race nears the Sept. 24 preliminary, a key question for many candidates is who, exactly, will go to the polls.

// Meet the ‘candle people’

In the wake of Tuesday’s sale of Yankee Candle for $1.75 billion, one thing is clear: There are a lot of scented-candle lovers out there.


farah stockman

// Crossing the line

Is death really better when one is getting blown to smithereens by a cluster bomb, rather than suffocating from sarin?