Military would get a challenging mission in Syria

A US strike would look to force President Bashir Assad to rethink using poison gas but not dislodge his grip on power, military specialists said.

President Obama got the backing of John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi for limited strikes.


Obama faces support, skepticism in Congress

President Obama won bipartisan backing Tuesday for strikes on Syria but final approval for the effort was far from certain.

Ariel Castro had been sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

Ohio captor who held 3 for years kills self

Ariel Castro, who held three women captive in his home for nearly a decade, was found hanging in his cell.

With signs, color-coding, Logan sorts out arrivals areas

Logan will relocate its bus, taxi, and passenger pickup areas in a $4 million project aimed at accommodating the rise in transit options.

Many customers, like this one at the South Deerfield store, can’t resist the scent of Yankee Candles.


With candles, it’s in the olfactory of the beholder

In the wake of Tuesday’s sale of Yankee Candle for $1.75 billion, one thing is clear: There are a heck of a lot of candle people out there.

Mike Ross often asks voters how he can help them — today.


Call of equality came early for Mike Ross

The Boston mayoral candidate isn’t just asking voters how he can help them when he is elected. He’s asking how he can help them now.

Charles Baker readies 2d bid for governor

Party insiders see the highly anticipated move by the GOP’s defeated 2010 candidate as critical to Republican hopes of recapturing the governor’s office.

// Somerville athletes alleged to use broomstick in assault

Unsettling new details about an alleged sexual assault by Somerville High School students emerged at an arraignment Tuesday.


farah stockman

// Crossing the line

Is death really better when one is getting blown to smithereens by a cluster bomb, rather than suffocating from sarin?