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Former drug lab chemist arrested, actions detailed

Annie Dookhan arrest

Annie Dookhan sprinkled real cocaine in with a non-drug substance in order to make tests turn out positive, a prosecutor said in court at Dookhan’s arraignment.

Mass. Dems, GOP file dueling complaints on coordination

The state parties filed complaints alleging coordination between the opposing campaigns and independent political groups, which is not allowed under federal law.

Year Up internship program alum Margarita Polanco now works at Bank of New York Mellon in Everett.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

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Year Up shuttles urban adults into corporate America

The program helps young people with poor job prospects get a leg up in the working world.

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Why does Fenway look so strange on Apple’s maps?

It’s not a mistake, exactly. But Apple’s new Maps app catches Fenway Park all dressed up for a rock concert, with its true identity as a ballpark hidden away.

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// Globe photos of the week

A high school soccer player with one leg, a view of the moon from Hingham, a spiderweb in the morning, and more.

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// How will independents factor into the Senate race?

How Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren are targeting specific voters in their attempt to win one of the country’s biggest races.


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Kevin Garnett  posed for a photo at Boston Celtics Media Day.

Pierce, Garnett reflect on Allen’s departure

Paul Pierce said he was “very surprised” by Ray Allen’s decision to join the Heat, while Kevin Garnett said “I don’t have Ray’s number anymore.”


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Movie Review

Bruce Willis (left) is Old Joe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is his younger self in Rian Johnson’s “Looper.”

‘Looper’ messes with your head

Rian Johnson’s audacious time travel brain-twister features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hired assassin killing victims from the future and Bruce Willis as his older self.