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Arrest warrants issued for former drug lab chemist

Annie Dookhan is facing charges of witness intimidation and falsifying her academic record, according to law enforcement officials.

// Station nightclub owner donates land for memorial

The decision brings an end to a years-long effort to secure the site by families of those killed and survivors of the blaze.

Jeff Jacoby

// Working for BU’s ‘silver unicorn’

Having John Silber as a boss was an ongoing adventure in being put in one’s place.

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Exclusive Sunday Preview | Magazine

Who are the Independent voters?

They will likely decide the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race — or at least that’s what the campaigns are betting on.

Boston Capital

Warren is no friend of big business

Scott Brown is trying to cast Elizabeth Warren as both a corporate villain stomping on the little guy and lefty scold who believes in nothing more than Big Government.

Tom Caron believes all was lost for the Sox when they lost David Ortiz.

Sports Media

NESN’s Caron refused to spin bad Red Sox season

In a difficult season for the Red Sox, NESN studio host Tom Caron has been a candid commentator.


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Movie Review

Bruce Willis (left) is Old Joe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is his younger self in Rian Johnson’s “Looper.”

‘Looper’ messes with your head

Rian Johnson’s audacious time travel brain-twister features Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a hired assassin killing victims from the future and Bruce Willis as his older self.