NFL, refs reach deal to end lockout

The league and referees’ union have a new collective bargaining agreement that will end the use of replacement officials in time for the full slate of Week 4 games.

Departing Deputy Superintendent Michael Goar was one of Superintendent Carol R. Johnson’s most trusted allies.

Deputy superintendent joins exodus of top Boston school administrators

The surprising resignation of Michael Goar, Carol R. Johnson’s second in command, is the latest in a series of high-level departures that have left notable gaps in the district’s leadership.

Karen L. King, Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard University, in her office with a papyrus fragment.

Scholars begin to weigh in on ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’

A week after a Harvard professor claimed to have identified a fragment of papyrus portraying Jesus as married, her discovery continues to generate debate – and skepticism – in academic circles.

Tech Lab

iPhone 5 operating system has hangups

While there is plenty to like about iOS 6, which was rolled out alongside the iPhone 5, it has a couple of major new features that fall far short of Apple’s usually exquisite standards.

President Obama’s policy on natural gas has drawn protests in Colorado.

Lewis Geyer/Times-Call/File

Obama’s stance on natural gas carries risks

President Obama’s pursuit of natural gas production risks alienating a component of his base and may oversell the potential for new jobs.

One of the key areas of disagreement between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren was over handling Syria’s civil war.

Brown, Warren share centrist view on many foreign policy matters

On flashpoints such as Syria, Russia, Iran, and Israel, Scott Brown often rejected Mitt Romney’s views and joined Elizabeth Warren in embracing the policies of Barack Obama.

Yvonne Abraham

Defamation suit against casino opponent is outrageous

Thomas Keen, who is fighting a proposed racecourse casino in Plainville, has been sued over a Facebook posting for which he is not even responsible.

Chemist admitted wrongdoing in lab scandal

The former state chemist at the heart of the state drug lab scandal admitted to investigators that she “messed up bad” in the treatment of evidence.

Fred Lynn (left) and Dustin Pedroia made quite a pair as the celebration amid a lost season continued with the naming of the All-Fenway Park Team.

Dan Shaughnessy

The contrived party is over at Fenway Park

In a last shameless attempt to direct your eyes away from the field, the Red Sox unveiled their “All-Fenway Team’’ in a hollow celebration for a team that has lost its way.


Political Notebook

Mitt Romney spoke to supporters in Toledo, Ohio, Wednesday.

Mitt Romney praises Mass. health law, denounces Obamacare

Romney cited his record in Massachusetts as a sign of his empathy for all people, talking far more openly than usual about a health law that rankles conservatives.


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Television Review

Scott Speedman (left) and Andre Braugher in a scene from the new series “Last Resort.”

‘Last Resort’: Paranoia below the sea

ABC’s fascinating new series starring Andre Braugher is about a US nuclear-missile submarine that goes rogue after getting orders to bomb Pakistan.