Tax questions loom for Tierney, Tisei

As US Rep. John Tierney and Richard R. Tisei gear up for their first debate, each is facing potentially embarrassing questions about his personal tax returns.

A diner in Kissimmee draws many recent immigrants from Puerto Rico.


Mitt Romney, President Obama courting Florida’s Hispanics

The Obama campaign sees the booming influx of Puerto Ricans in the Orlando area as key to victory in the critical swing state.

In this image from a video filmed by a Democratic tracker, Scott Brown supporters do tomahawk chops and war whoops at a Brown event outside the Eire Pub in Dorchester.

Republican aides shown doing war chants

Elizabeth Warren is decrying the actions outside of a Scott Brown event, where a video shows GOP staffers, including an aide in Brown’s Senate office, performing tomahawk chops and war whoops.

Brian McGrory

Senator Scott Brown’s illusion fades

Brown believed, or at least hoped, his good-guy image would be more important than his Senate record. Not anymore.

Spinners clubhouse manager found serenity

Del “Dogman” Christman nearly committed suicide in 1998 but has been able to overcome a troubled past with his work as the clubhouse manager for the Lowell Spinners.

Dogman puts a positive spin on life

What Del Christman endured would break even the strongest of men.

Ayden Beique, 8, was at Fenway Park for the first time, with his mother, Jill, as his birthday present.

Despite lost season, Red Sox diehards stick it out

The season may have been a lost cause weeks ago, but that did not dampen the spirits of fans who came to Fenway Park for the penultimate home game.

// Drug lab chemist accused of lying

Annie Dookhan, the woman at the center of the state drug lab scandal, does not have a master’s degree in chemistry from UMass Boston as she claims on her resume, school officials confirmed.

// Roxbury college trustees confront turmoil

Roxbury Community College’s board of trustees convened for the first time since the disclosure that a file critical to a federal inquiry had been discovered after past searches failed to turn it up.

Tom Fleming’s “Spirit and Life” (above) sold for more than $3,000.

Copyright case shows art, retail can be difficult mix

Small-town artist Tom Fleming settled a copyright claim with TJX’s HomeGoods, a major retail outlet that was selling unauthorized 6-foot-tall reproductions of his paintings.


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rays 5, red sox 2

Red Sox leftfielder Daniel Nava was charged with an error when he misplayed this sixth-inning single off the wall by the Rays’ Jose Molina. Centerfielder Che-Hsuan Lin is at right.

Red Sox lose to playoff-hungry Rays

The Rays won their sixth straight as they hope for a wildcard berth while the Red Sox, with one home game remaining, are thinking about next season.


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Marcus Hurd testified in March about a shooting that left him a quadriplegic and four other people dead.

Marcus Hurd talked of new memory at March trial

Hurd told a victim witness advocate that while he was on the stand during the trial for the 2010 Mattapan shooting, he realized that Dwayne Moore generally resembled the shooter.


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The turnaround plans were announced weeks after Staples disclosed earnings that had fallen 32 percent.

Staples to cut shop space and locations

The office supply chain plans to close US and international stores, reduce the size of existing locations, restructure its overseas business, and shake up leadership.


Political Notebook

Representative Maxine Waters was cleared of wrongdoing.

Substitute congressional ethics panel blasts regular members

A temporary ethics panel that went in to rescue a troubled investigation of senior Rep. Maxine Waters emerged with a warning: avoid partisan infighting when investigating wrongdoing.

Nation & World

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China’s first aircraft carrier was put into service Tuesday. It will be used only for training and testing purposes.

China launches first aircraft carrier amid much fanfare

China put its first aircraft carrier into service, a move intended to signal its growing military might as tensions escalate between Beijing and its neighbors over islands in nearby seas.