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Drug lab scandal may affect 1,140 cases

David Meier, a lawyer who is assessing cases that were affected by the scandal, said the people are in state prisons and county jails or houses of correction because of potentially tainted evidence.

Boston unveils proposals for school assignment overhaul

Boston officials are proposing five different plans for assigning students to schools that would carve up the city into as many as 23 attendance regions.

//[1]-3279--90x90.jpg MBTA board taps new GM

Transportation Secretary Richard A. Davey said he is counting on Beverly A. Scott, the former head of the Atlanta transit agency, to bring “fresh perspective” to the cash-strapped agency.

Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop gets life in prison

The Harvard-educated biologist was sentenced to life without parole for fatally shooting colleagues at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Menino to veto 2d redistricting plan

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said he would again veto a redistricting proposal passed by the City Council, rejecting the second map to reach his desk.

Chandler Delinks had to get through sand and an accidentally catapulting competitor.

natalia boltukhova

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Cyclo-cross combines bike racing, obstacle courses, and beer

New England has emerged as a North American hub of the bike racing discipline, in which racers ride road-style bikes on twisting off-road courses seeded with barriers, sand pits, and mud.

Mindy Kaling plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Chris Messina is Dr. Danny Castellano in “The Mindy Project” on Fox.

exclusive tuesday preview | Television Review

A promising prognosis for ‘The Mindy Project’

Despite a few flaws, Mindy Kaling’s new sitcom could evolve into an interesting hybrid, an anti-romantic-comedy romantic comedy.

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick says he meant no disrespect

The Patriots coach said he was trying to learn if officials would review the Ravens’ winning field goal when he appeared to make contact with a referee Sunday night.

YouTube engineering manager Andy Berkheimer has figured out how to speed up the massive online video service.

MIT grad led team that built faster YouTube player

The work of Andy Berkheimer and his team reduced buffering by an average of 20 percent, and effectively sped up the launching of a video by a few seconds.


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Woody Lancaster of Topsfield is ready for his return to the town fair.

N.E. growers ever closer to one-ton pumpkin

At the Topsfield Fair, considered by many to be the world’s premier giant pumpkin weigh-in, this could be the year that the elusive milestone is finally reached.