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Drug lab scandal may affect 1,140 cases

David Meier, a lawyer who is assessing cases that were affected by the scandal, said the people are in state prisons and county jails or houses of correction because of potentially tainted evidence.

Amy Bishop

Amy Bishop gets life in prison

The Harvard-educated biologist faces life without parole for fatally shooting colleagues at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

MBTA board taps new GM

Transportation Secretary Richard A. Davey said he is counting on Beverly A. Scott, the former head of the Atlanta transit agency, to bring “fresh perspective” to the cash-strapped agency.

Menino to veto 2d redistricting plan

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said he would again veto a redistricting proposal passed by the City Council, rejecting the second map to reach his desk.

Elizabeth Warren defends work on asbestos lawsuit

Warren insisted she had no way of knowing that, after she left the case, Travelers Insurance would seek to avoid paying victims from the settlement.

Bill Belichick

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Bill Belichick says he meant no disrespect

The Patriots coach said he was trying to learn if officials would review the Ravens’ winning field goal when he appeared to make contact with a referee Sunday night.

Work continues on the third set of locks during the Panama Canal Expansion project Wednesday.

Juliette Kayyem

Panama’s magic number

A 50-feet deep canal is the only way to compete in global shipping.

Owners “Little Tony” and “Big Tony” Consalvi had hoped to rebuild the fire-damaged T.C.’s Lounge.

Dive bar T.C.’s Lounge seeks new home

To the dismay of many, the Back Bay bar closed its doors after a recent fire.

in practice

When an adult child is ill

When a young person is ill, the distinction between childhood and adulthood may seem particularly blurry.

// Does medical marijuana change how teens view the drug?

Voters in November will consider making Mass. the 18th state to allow medical use of marijuana, amid concerns that it could cause an increase in use by teenagers.


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Woody Lancaster of Topsfield is ready for his return to the town fair.

N.E. growers ever closer to one-ton pumpkin

At the Topsfield Fair, considered by many to be the world’s premier giant pumpkin weigh-in, this could be the year that the elusive milestone is finally reached.