Drug defendants freed in lab scandal

Suffolk County judges have freed at least 11 defendants facing drug charges, almost all with lengthy criminal records, since early September, in the first wave of potentially thousands of cases.

In June, Terrence Gomes stepped down as head of Roxbury Community College after nine years.

Tamir Kalifa for the Boston Globe

Review shows RCC put students’ basic needs at risk

A body of evidence collected by the Globe indicates that Roxbury Community College spent thousands on administrative raises while scrimping on campus amenities.

Little money from third-party political advocacy groups has flowed into the Senate race since Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren in January pledged to keep such groups from advertising on their behalf.

Election spending on local TV surges

The amount spent on political advertising on Boston television stations is already significantly higher than it was for the entire 2008 campaign.


A watered-down deal for seafood shoppers

Frozen fish from the supermarket often has an excess of ice — and consumers are paying the price.

Taste testing scallops

A blind test of scallops following a Globe investigation reveals that consumers often pay for excess water.

Scallops from Foley Fish, which only sells seafood with no additives.

Scallops are routinely sold with excess water

Scallops are about 75 percent water when they are harvested, but some brands appear to add more water, making customers pay for it instead of scallop meat.

Rob Gronkowski was injured on this play against Patriots nemesis Bernard Pollard in the 2012 AFC championship game against the Ravens.

Dan Shaughnessy

Are Ravens now a rival for the Patriots?

We don’t hate the Ravens and we certainly don’t hate friendly Baltimore, but this is best we can do if the Patriots are going to have any active rival in the AFC.

American architect Daniel Burnham was a founder of modern urban planning in the United States and designed a long list of prominent buildings, including the Flatiron building in New York, Union Station in Washington, D.C., and Filene’s in Boston (above).

Filene’s developers look to past for inspiration

Executives in charge of the $620 million Filene’s redevelopment in Boston say they will seek to bring back many of its original features.


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Orioles 9, Red Sox 6

Bobby Valentine takes the ball from Alfredo Aceves, who gave up three runs in the 12th.

Alfredo Aceves gives it away to Orioles

The disgruntled relief pitcher spoiled a comeback by the ragtag Sox, allowing three runs in the 12th inning that gave Baltimore a 9-6 victory.


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On the Hot Seat

Brian Palmer, the GE unit’s chief executive.

Attracting talent was key in GE unit’s move to Mass.

Brian Palmer is the chief executive of GE Measurement and Control Solutions, a $5 billion energy technology unit of General Electric Co. based in Billerica.