Romney paid 14.1% tax rate in 2011

Mitt Romney paid an effective federal tax rate of 14.1 percent last year on $13.7 million in income, and is also releasing a 20-year snapshot of returns.

Menino says Warren ‘would have my back, and so I have hers’

At a rally this afternoon to endorse Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Thomas Menino said he had withheld his backing earlier until he got to know the candidate better.

Scott Brown

Brown rips Warren on asbestos case

Senator Scott Brown defended his aggressive performance in last night’s debate and again hit Elizabeth Warren for representing a company in an asbestos lawsuit.

// iPhone 5 launch draws Apple fans worldwide

In a now familiar global ritual, Apple fans jammed shops from Sydney to Paris to pick up the tech juggernaut’s latest device.

Joel Gill and other members of the Boston Comics Roundtable create promotional cartoons for this year’s Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo.

Brian Feulner for the Boston Globe

Exclusive Saturday Preview | G Cover

At Boston comics convention, indie artists talk shop

Next Saturday’s Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, with its emphasis on innovative, independent art, marks a departure from the big business of behemoth comic book conventions.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

// How to change a culture

Can you change a culture that’s developed troubling habits, as with Boston University’s hockey team? Psychologists say you can - but only by appealing to a less than noble aspect of human nature.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Bob Ryan

// Doc Rivers refreshed ahead of milestone

It might be hard to believe, but Rivers, in his ninth season, can become the longest-tenured Celtics coach ever outside of Red Auerbach.

Exclusive Sunday preview | Magazine

// 9 hot trends in kitchen design

Thinking about renovating this important room? Designers share the latest news in cabinets, appliances, and more.


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