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Senate debate | 7 p.m.

Brown, Warren face challenges in first debate

Elizabeth Warren must engage Scott Brown on issues without seeming aggressive tonight, while Brown must fend Warren off without hurting his likable image.

Ex-prosecutor to oversee review of drug lab cases

David Meier, tapped by Governor Patrick to oversee a review of the thousands of cases possibly affected by the scandal, said he aimed to be “an advocate for fairness.”

Harvard Club in $4 million settlement over unpaid tips

Employees had filed a class action lawsuit in November, claiming they had been cheated out of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in tips.

Video | Take 2

Friday Preview | Movie Review

Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’ is a cult classic

This ambitious, powerfully acted four-star achievement has much to say about the limits of belief — and the power of talented actors.

Clint Eastwood (with Amy Adams) plays an old scout.

Movie Review

Even Eastwood can’t do much with ‘Curve’

“Trouble With the Curve” is a congenial but distressingly formulaic drama about an aging baseball scout and his last season on the road.

Joan Vennochi

Why do Mass. politicians wither on national stage?

What is it about Massachusetts politicians who run for president? Is it something in the local air, or maybe in the ivory towers that nurtured them?

September 23 1938 / Globe photo by Thomas C Connors / The remains of St. Hedwig's Catholic church at 99 Otis Street, East Cambridge, the oldest Polish Catholic church in the city. Amazingly, the altar was unharmed.

The Great Hurricane of 1938

The record-breaking storm that hit New England on Sept. 21, 1938 hit hard, killing approximately 600 people in the area.


// How the 2012 Red Sox unraveled

From Carl Crawford’s first surgery to the team’s 82nd loss, here’s a review of one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory.