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State releases MCAS results for schools, districts

The results are the first under a new accountability system that seeks to turn around schools with persistently low test scores.

John Auerbach

Public health chief ‘furious’ about state drug lab scandal

John Auerbach, who announced Monday he would resign his post, said he felt “complete anger that the actions of a single person caused so much damage and harm.”

Fourth poll of week shows Warren edging ahead

A new poll by WBUR, echoing other recent polls, found that Elizabeth Warren appears to be gaining the respect of prospective voters while Scott Brown’s standing has eroded.

Fallacies mark Romney’s depiction of the 47%

Mitt Romney painted an inaccurate portrait of the “47 percent of Americans [who] pay no income tax” when he spoke — and was secretly videotaped — at a May fund-raiser.

A replacement referee questioned a call during the season opening game between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders on Sept. 10.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Dan Shaughnessy

Stop the madness with replacement refs

A $9 billion industry has been brought to its knees by fan-boys, lingerie-league officials, and nice guys who should be working in the Hockomock League instead of the NFL.

John F. Kennedy, shown in Toledo, Ohio, worked hard to hide his physical problems from reporters.

’60 tape reveals an uncertain JFK

Three days after he declared his presidential candidacy, the man who would leave a near-mythical imprint on America’s political identity seemed unsure of his own.

“In this field, we keep having these things appear,” Harvard professor Karen L. King said of the fragment.

Finding hints that Jesus was married

A Harvard professor has identified what appears to be a scrap of fourth-century Egyptian papyrus containing the first-known explicit reference to Jesus as married.

Danny Bryck interviewed nearly 200 people during the occupation at Dewey Square last year, and boiled it down to more than two dozen characters.

Stage Review

Voices of Occupy Boston protest in ‘No Room for Wishing’

Danny Bryck’s ideological sympathy with the political aims of the Occupy Boston movement is crystal clear in his ambitious new solo show.


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Brian Waters

Patriots offered Brian Waters $4m to report

New England offered a pay raise of almost three times last year’s salary to the Pro Bowl offensive lineman, who has yet to report this season.


Mitt Romney mostly stood by his comment about the president’s supporters.

Romney holds to views, tries to quiet uproar

As the full 49-minute video from a private May fund-raiser emerged online, Mitt Romney was also seen telling donors that the Palestinians have no interest in establishing peace with Israel.

Food & dining

Apples, cider, doughnuts, and a good life

In 1981, Glenn Cook and his new bride, Karen, purchased a poultry farm across from his father’s recently acquired dairy farm in Amesbury.