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Romney defends statement on many being dependent

In an interview on Fox News, Mitt Romney refused to back down amid criticism that he disparaged nearly half of the electorate by saying they don’t pay taxes.


Karen L. King

Some early Christians believed Jesus had wife, discovery shows

A Harvard professor has identified what appears to be a scrap of fourth-century papyrus that, while not evidence Jesus was married, shows that some early Christians believed he had a wife.

A scene from “Detropia” of the city that was the world’s fastest growing in 1930 and today is the country’s fastest shrinking.


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Documenting Detroit’s decline — and comeback?

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s loose yet assured documentary, “Detropia,” looks at Detroit as urban dystopia.

A soldier looking at a Union soldier’s grave with the body of a Confederate soldier seemingly tossed aside at Antietam in 1862.

Documentary Review

How the Civil War redefined death for Americans

Ric Burns’s “Death and the Civil War,” which airs tonight on WGBH, shows that America’s bloodiest conflict stands apart from other wars.

Tufts, Vanguard in talks to team up on hospital deals

The proposed alliance, while not a merger, would give Tufts and Vanguard more clout to compete with the fast-growing Steward Health Care System.

Boston Capital

Wellington’s Ed Owens going out on top

Owens and his fund, the giant Vanguard Health Care Fund, have been the very best-performing US stock fund over a very long haul.

A judge will weigh whether to allow Hurd’s testimony.

Survivor of Mattapan killings to be questioned in court

Marcus Hurd, who survived the 2010 shootings that left four people dead, is expected to be questioned next week about his claim that he can now identify one of the killers.


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Chinese protesters shouted anti-Japan slogans outside the Japanese Embassy in Beijing on Monday.

China-Japan dispute risks trade relationship

China and Japan’s worst diplomatic crisis since 2005 is putting at risk a trade relationship that has tripled in the past decade to more than $340 billion.