cardinals 20, patriots 18

Patriots lose heartbreaker

The loss in a home opener was the first for the Patriots since 2001 and happened after Stephen Gostkowski missed a field goal with six seconds left.

Warren edges Brown in 2 new polls

The polls suggest a possible bump for Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren in her race with Senator Scott Brown following the national conventions.

In Chicago on Saturday, teachers from Wisconsin and Minnesota joined the city’s striking teachers.

Chicago teachers union to continue strike

Schools will remain closed Monday after union delegates declined to vote on a proposed contract deal. Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he would seek a court order to end the strike.

Supporters of Pakistan’s Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI), a religious and political party, shouted slogans Sunday during a protest in Islamabad.

Hezbollah calls for protests as clashes over film reignite

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said the US must be held accountable for an anti-Islam film that has sparked protests in several countries.

Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke (shown in France in July) led the indie-rock band’s show Friday at the House of Blues.

FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images/file

Music Review

Bloc Party’s return was taut, explosive, and full of yelps

The London group was back in Boston for the first time since its 2009 hiatus, but it was as if their angular guitar rock had been preserved in amber — still urgent, still in your face.

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// The self-promoting, fan-financed, go-it-alone star

How Louis C.K., Matt Nathanson, Amanda Palmer, and other artists are seizing control and rocking the entertainment world.

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A gentle visitor enters a hipper neighborhood

As we give our children the hipper upbringings we wish we’d had, we’re eroding some of the very basic qualities of childhood, writes Kirsten Greenidge.

Paul Tough

Book Review

‘How Children Succeed’ by Paul Tough

According to the author, instead of IQ, the thing that most affects a child’s future success is character.

Martha Tuff, who is enrolled in a two-year master’s degree program to become a physician assistant, conferred with a patient at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Cambridge.

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New law expands role of physician assistants

A little-known provision of the state’s new health care cost-control law expands the role of physician assistants by casting them in the role of primary care providers.

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From the Archives | Photo Gallery

// Boston Light

America’s first lighthouse guided vessels entering Boston Harbor from Sept. 14, 1716, and the lighthouse on Little Brewster Island was the last to be automated, in 1998.


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blue jays 5, red sox 0

Jacoby Ellsbury batted against the Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

Red Sox are blanked in Toronto

Jon Lester went seven innings, but was tagged for three runs in the seventh as the Red Sox failed to sweep the Blue Jays.


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Jeffrey Boyd says he initially had privacy concerns when Progressive offered him the chance to try its Snapshot program. Now he is happy about the savings he could realize.

Privacy is the price for lowering car insurance

Auto insurance companies are increasingly offering drivers sharply lower rates in exchange for permission to install a device that tracks when, where, or how you drive.


Elizabeth Warren greeted Keith Lombard and his daughter, Saoirse, at the South Boston Street Festival.

Warren’s extended family split about heritage

Elizabeth Warren has never fully explained her assertion of Native American ancestry, and the Senate candidate’s extended family has mixed opinions on the question.

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Steve Klein, a California salesman who has protested at mosques, was listed as promoter of the controversial film.

Few details on funds for anti-Islam movie

An ex-convict, an insurance salesman, and a Christian charity were behind the production of a crudely crafted film that ridicules Muslims and the prophet Mohammed.