Obama vows justice in Libya killings

The US Embassy in Benghazi was attacked and set on fire Tuesday. At first it was believed the attack was a protest over a movie depicting Mohammed.


US officials said they are investigating the four-hour assault as a well-orchestrated terrorist attack and not a spontaneous reaction to an inflammatory movie about the prophet Mohammed.

Mitt Romney commented on the killing of US embassy officials in Benghazi, Libya, while speaking in Jacksonville, Fla., Wednesday.

Romney causes stir with remarks on attacks

Mitt Romney’s criticism of President Obama’s initial response to the Libya attacks struck some Republicans and Democrats as too partisan and heavy handed.

Yvonne Abraham

BU hockey team report details retrograde mentality

The report shows how perilous things can get when the hookup culture collides with the Boston University men’s hockey team and their ilk. But it’s even bigger than that.

//c.o0bg.com/rf/image_90x90/Boston/2011-2020/2012/09/12/BostonGlobe.com/Lifestyle/Images/13fashion3--90x90.jpg 10 spring trends at N.Y. Fashion Week

Prognosticating style trends for Spring/Summer 2013 in the middle of New York Fashion Week is a rather unscientific process of trying to absorb endless parades of models while taking mental snapshots.

Boston, teachers agree on contract

The tentative agreement should usher in a more rigorous system of judging teacher performance and provide ­extra help for teachers who need it.

Thomas P. Glynn is choice to lead Massport

Glynn, a longtime manager in high-profile public and private sector positions, has been selected as the new chief executive officer of the agency that runs Logan Airport and the port of Boston.

Katy Hayes discussed her case with Brigham and Women’s doctors Bohdan Pomahac (left) and Simon G. Talbot.

Boston surgeons plan double arm transplant

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has approved a Texas woman for the first double arm transplant above the elbow to be performed in the United States.

The hero a night earlier, Jacoby Ellsbury (1 for 5) grounded to the pitcher with the tying run on first base to end the game.

Dan Shaughnessy

It was spoiled long before this for Red Sox

Bobby Valentine looks like a man enjoying his last cigarette before he goes to the gallows. It’s clear Jacoby Ellsbury must be traded. Playing spoilers just adds to this awkward, awful season.


Political Notebook

Mitt Romney stepped off his campaign plane in Sterling, Va., Wednesday.

In Romney’s swing state shuffle, Wisconsin becomes focus

With the Republicans pulling resources from Michigan and Pennsylvania, the campaign will be decided in as few as nine states, creating a narrower path to victory for Mitt Romney.


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The wedding of Soraya (Paige Clark) and Amir (Nael Nacer) in New Repertory Theatre’s “The Kite Runner.’’

A powerful ‘Kite Runner’ at New Repertory Theatre

The adaptation of Khaled Hosseini’s best-selling novel is a compassionate, deeply moving, journey across eras, cultures, borders, and the emotional terrain of tumultuous lives.