Gluten-free diets gain fans, concern others

It’s the fad diet of the moment, but the wrong people may be on it.

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// Former Medford housing chief gets fine, six-year ban

Robert Covelle was fined $5,000 and barred from public employment for six years for violating state purchasing laws, Attorney General Martha Coakley said.

// Episcopal priest arraigned on child sex abuse charges

The Rev. Paul A. LaCharite, 65, of Boston faces one count of assault with intent to rape a child and three counts of indecent assault and battery on a child.

Obama, Romney claim big fund-raising totals

President Obama’s campaign collected more than $114 million to Mitt Romney’s $111.6 million in August, the first time Obama has outraised Romney since April.

Tom Hanks and Halle Berry are two of many actors who play multiple roles in “Cloud Atlas.”

Warner Bros. Pictures

Movies | Toronto Film Festival

‘Cloud Atlas’ an epic mishmash

The nearly three-hour film is willing to risk jeers even though it’s jeer-proof. This is a movie that breaks through to the other side of its badness.

Clouds are reflected in the glass windows of Four World Trade Center last month in New York.

Opinion | Juliette kayyem

On 9/11 anniversary, fear is no longer all-consuming

Terrorism is one of our modern anxieties, but it’s not the existential worry that it seemed to be in the first few years after the attacks.

 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Opinion | JOHN E. SUNUNU

Senate sees fiscal cliff, shrugs

The approaching “fiscal cliff” is as real as any budget bogeyman, but any actual work to deal with it will be done after the election.

From Sunday’s Globe | Travel

The best beer town in New England

Head to tiny Waterbury, Vt., to experience exceptional IPAs and other pours.

Globe Insiders

From the Archives | Photo gallery

// Sacco and Vanzetti

The controversial trial and execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti in Massachusetts in the 1920’s caused much tension in the US and around the world.


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On Football

Tom Brady presided over a constantly changing offense in a win over the Titans.

Josh McDaniels, Patriots’ offensive line dialed in

If you construct a plan like the offensive coordinator did for the Titans, and the Patriots execute like they did, team blocking is going to be in a position to be successful.


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 Satori’s CEO, Jeff Ives, said drug makers are not giving up.

Alzheimer’s drugs see setbacks

This summer, two drugs under development for Alzheimer’s disease were declared failures. But scientists and Boston-area executives say they are still optimistic.