Medical debt still problem in Mass.

Architects of the pioneering 2006 health law expected it would reduce medical debt, but the most recent data suggest the scope of debt has remained largely unchanged.

 Jeff Bezos, chief executive of, introduced the Kindle Paperwhite tablet last week in California. It’s built around an illuminated version of E Ink’s black-and-white screen to make it more readable even in bright light.

E Ink displays its strength

With its work for Amazon’s Kindle and other deals, the Cambridge-based company has reversed its fortunes.

Reading, Pa., a city once boasting numerous industries and the nation’s largest railroad company, was recently named the poorest US city with more than 65,000 residents.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images/File 2011

Little mentioned on trail, poverty widening in US

With nearly one in every six Americans now living in poverty, advocates for the poor say little attention is being paid to the issue in the presidential campaign.

Are you better off now? For locals, it’s a mixed bag

Around Mass., among those far removed from the day-to-day political jockeying of the presidential campaign, responses were equivocal. Not really. Maybe. Kind of ish.

Nicole Shakhov had cereal during class at Brighton’s Mary Lyon School.

wendy maeda/globe staff

Boston schools’ breakfast now free for all students

Boston public schools hope to ensure that all schoolchildren eat healthfully and receive the nutrition they need to stay alert throughout the day.

Chandler Jones and the Patriots defensive looks like a unit that can bring offenses to their knees.

Christopher L Gasper

Patriots defense makes a statement

The oft-maligned unit didn’t have to spend any time defending its performance, as it held the Titans to 284 total yards, 20 rushing, and forced two turnovers.

Workers bearing more costs of benefits

Employers are increasingly asking workers and retirees to pay for some or all of the cost of many benefits they once took for granted as part of their compensation.

Lawrence Hyde gave $3 million to Boston College High School to help students travel.

Larry Hyde has been most everywhere but yearns for more

The 88-year-old world traveler, who credits Boston College High School for his fascination with geography, gave $3 million to the school to help students travel.

The pantry in Genieve Rankel’s home in Medford is filled with gluten-free items.

g cover

Gluten-free diets gain fans, concern others

Gluten-free is the fad diet of the moment, but the wrong people may be on it.

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From the Archives | Photo gallery

// Sacco and Vanzetti

The controversial trial and execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti in Massachusetts in the 1920’s caused much tension in the US and around the world.


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PAtriots 34, Titans 13

First-round picks Chandler Jones (left) and Dont’a Hightower celebrated after collaborating on a second-quarter touchdown in the Patriots’ season-opening 34-13 win over the Titans in Nashville on Sunday.

Patriots impress in opening romp

The Patriots prevailed in their ninth straight season opener as several of the team’s newest players contributed to the win over the Titans.


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Surfers flocked to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire to take advantage of larger-than-normal swells.

Storm season brings surfer’s paradise

After a dull summer of piddling 2-foot waves, hurricane season is back, and wave conditions up and down the East Coast are expected to intensify this week.

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