Schools in Mass. report nearly 3,000 concussions

Nearly 3,000 students suffered a concussion or other head injury while playing sports during the last school year, according to a first-of-its-kind survey.

Rhonda Hall, who had a steroid injection, talked with Anurag Malani, infectious disease specialist at a Michigan hospital.

Outbreak baffled doctors until they saw common cause

Physicians across the US faced mysterious and seemingly isolated cases that were part of a meningitis outbreak linked to a Framingham compounding pharmacy.

A worker piled sand bags at the entrance of a restaurant in Ocean City, Md.


Storm’s fury to peak in Mass. on Monday

The National Weather Service said the state will begin feeling Hurricane Sandy’s effects Sunday evening, but not its full force until Monday.

Senator Scott Brown stopped, as he often does, for a photo, this time with a fan in Hyannis.

Scott Brown works to maintain everyday-guy appeal

The GOP senator has pressed a relentless assault on Elizabeth Warren’s character and integrity, a departure from his likeable-guy image.

Senate candidates make their final push

Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren are working to rally supporters.

An animated Elizabeth Warren chatted with members of the Levitt family in Weymouth.

Elizabeth Warren strives to connect, one voter at a time

At campaign events this month, the Democratic Senate candidate has been able to rouse her supporters. But the likability gap lingers.

Yvonne Abraham

Senator Brown trying to have it both ways

Scott Brown can’t be everybody’s man on reproductive rights. This isn’t an issue on which one can feel strongly, both ways.

Betsy Adler (center) of Madiera, Ohio, talked with Mitt Romney campaign volunteers Deb Voss (left) and Karen Schreckenhofer, who were canvassing the Cincinnati suburb.

New tools aid door-to-door push for votes

There is an extraordinary calculus behind the work of door-knockers for President Obama and Mitt Romney, backed by millions of dollars of scientific research.

Marshall Carter: “I want to see some cuts in government. Way beyond Big Bird.”

Wealthy willing to pay more in taxes

A number of wealthy Republicans say they would be willing to pay higher taxes as part of a comprehensive plan to get the nation’s finances on track.


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The fine work John Farrell did as pitching coach of the Red Sox led to his first managerial job in Toronto, before he returned to Boston as skipper.

Why John Farrell took Red Sox’ top job

Farrell, the former Red Sox pitching coach, gave up the head job in Toronto to return to “the epicenter of the game” as Boston’s 46th manager.

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