Region braces as Sandy churns north

As Hurricane Sandy swirled toward the East Coast Friday after killing at least 40 people in the Caribbean, the state braced for the potential of torrential rains and high winds.

FDA finds mold in vials of steroid linked to outbreak

New England Compounding did not do proper sterility testing on the steroid, according to a US Food and Drug Administration report.

Police release more names in Maine prostitution case

Maine police have released more names of alleged clients of a woman who authorities say used her Zumba dance studio in Kennebunk as a front for prostitution.

//}--90x90.jpg After hand transplant, Station nightclub survivor is hopeful

Joe Kinan, one of the survivors of the fire that killed 100 people in 2003, left Massachusetts General Hospital today after getting the transplant less than three weeks ago.

Longtime Locke-Ober employee Alfredo “Butch” Bartolizzi, right, talks with Paul Christopher of Haverhill, left, at the bar in December 1996. In its heyday, the restaurant was a magnet for celebrities as well as local politicians and writers.

The Boston Globe/file 1996

Bob Levy| Farewell, Locke-Ober

Locke-Ober: Serving clients both famous and fussy

On one of my first visits, I witnessed the restaurant’s eagerness to please its frequently prominent clientele.

Micho Spring | Farewell, Locke-Ober

Some things best seen in the rearview mirror

Its doors closing does not surprise me, and in fact reminds me of an era of power and privilege that is best in our rearview mirror. Adios, Locke-Ober!

Boston Capital

Internet-era boom icon’s quiet bust

There is nothing unusual about Sycamore Networks finally giving up. The crazy part was all the money that smart people threw at Sycamore early on.

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Ideas

// What our most famous evolutionary cartoon gets wrong

It’s hardly accurate — so 150 years later, why does the “monkey to man” illustration still hold us spellbound?

Exclusive Sunday Preview | Magazine

Can a common infection cause OCD in kids?

An obscure condition called PANDAS is a medical mystery that has families in crisis.


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Helen Hunt plays a sex surrogate and John Hawkes the disabled man she helps in “The Sessions.”

‘The Sessions’ connects with honest approach

It sounds like a bad joke: A man in an iron lung hires a sex surrogate to help him lose his virginity. But this intensely moving drama clearly portrays a good soul in an inert body.