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Storm’s impact will be felt in N.E., forecasters say

While Hurricane Sandy is currently projected to hit near southern New Jersey and Delaware early Tuesday, forecasters say the location of landfall is still uncertain.

Brown, Warren spend millions in final stage of campaign

The Senate candidates are spending more money than they are taking in as both revealed shrinking war chests during the first two weeks of October.

Massachusetts fines Citigroup $2m over Facebook IPO

The state’s top securities regulator fined Citigroup for failing to supervise analysts who improperly disclosed confidential information about the IPO.

Whole Foods to buy leases for six Johnnie’s Foodmaster stores

The stores in South Weymouth, Arlington, Charlestown, Brookline, Melrose, and Somerville will close in November and reopen as Whole Foods by the fall of 2013.

Emma Joyce regularly chats with her grandparents, who live in Ohio.

Grandparents cover miles with video chat services

As video chat services like Skype and FaceTime grow more popular, many children think of Nana and Poppa as those people on the screen.

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Can a common infection cause OCD in kids?

An obscure condition called PANDAS is a medical mystery that has families in crisis.

Dan Shaughnessy

Red Sox’ issues loom over World Series

From Gene Lamont to Jacoby Ellsbury’s contract status to Marco Scutaro’s hot streak, the Red Sox remain a hot topic at baseball’s showcase.

Republican candidate Richard Tisei.

Figures show limits to Tisei’s worth

US Representative John F. Tierney has been trying to portray Richard R. Tisei as a wealthy candidate who doesn’t pay his fair share of taxes.


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In an interview on ‘‘CBS This Morning,’’ Colin Powell said he was ‘‘more comfortable’’ with the president’s views on immigration, education, and health care.

Colin Powell endorses Obama again

The former Bush official endorsed President Obama’s bid for reelection, saying Mitt Romney was ‘‘a moving target’’ on foreign policy.


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Movie Review

Helen Hunt plays a sex surrogate and John Hawkes the disabled man she helps in “The Sessions.”

‘The Sessions’ connects with honest approach

It sounds like a bad joke: A man in an iron lung hires a sex surrogate to help him lose his virginity. But this intensely moving drama clearly portrays a good soul in an inert body.