Costs climb in state drug lab scandal

The state’s judiciary said it needs $13.6 million to deal with as many as 136,000 cases in which evidence was allegedly mishandled.

‘High risk’ drug making is at center of meningitis inquiry

Investigators are trying to determine if a Framingham compounding pharmacy, whose contaminated steroids led to an outbreak, violated safety procedures.

Emma Joyce regularly chats with her grandparents, who live in Ohio.

Grandparents cover miles with video chat services

As video chat services like Skype and FaceTime grow more popular, many children think of Nana and Poppa as those people on the screen.

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A bad sign on the horizon

New outdoor advertising regulations, if approved, would open up highways to a potential onslaught of electronic billboards.

Hurricane Sandy roared through Cuba after taking four lives in Haiti and Jamaica on Thursday.


Officials, residents gear up for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy roared through the Caribbean Thursday, and meteorologists warned that the storm could graze or directly hit New England by Monday.

Figures show limits to Tisei’s worth

US Representative John F. Tierney has been trying to portray Richard R. Tisei as a wealthy candidate living the high life while shirking his responsibility to pay his fair share of taxes.

“I think it’s easier to talk about Obama. By and large, the country really doesn’t want his brand of socialism.” - JERRY RUTLEDGE, owner of clothing business

Even unfriendly turf vital to Obama in Colo.

Every vote counts in Colorado, which is why President Obama is contesting even the areas he has no chance of winning.

Dan Shaughnessy

A series of connections to the Red Sox

Even when the Giants and Tigers are playing a thus far memorable World Series, it is always about the Red Sox.


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With Tom Brady at the controls, the Patriots have averaged 427.6 yards over the last 16 regular-season games.

Patriots’ offense historically consistent

Every time they play a regular-season game, the team will defer if it wins the coin toss, Tom Brady will throw a for touchdown, and they will have at least 350 yards of offense.


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political notebook

In an interview on ‘‘CBS This Morning,’’ Colin Powell said he was ‘‘more comfortable’’ with the president’s views on immigration, education, and health care.

Colin Powell endorses Obama again

Colin L. ­Powell endorsed President Obama’s bid for reelection Thursday and said he was concerned that Mitt Romney was ‘‘a moving target’’ on foreign policy.

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Movie Review

Helen Hunt plays a sex surrogate and John Hawkes the disabled man she helps in “The Sessions.”

‘The Sessions’ connects with honest approach

It sounds like a bad joke: A man in an iron lung hires a sex surrogate to help him lose his virginity. But this intensely moving drama clearly portrays a good soul in an inert body.